Free Downloads for Teen Writers

You’ll find all these in the Extras section of Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft Into a Published Book, but here they are in a printable form for your convenience!


Self-Editing Checklist: This checklist is a great tool for after you’ve finished your first draft. It’ll also help you remember all the cool techniques you learned in the book!

Self-Editing Dialogue Checklist: A handy list to help you get the most out of your dialogue!

Story Brainstorming Questions: These are great questions to ask when you’re trying to flesh out your story ideas.

Character Traits Brainstorming List

Character Phobias Brainstorming List

Character Hobbies and Skills Brainstorming List 

Go Teen Writers Book


Character Archetypes

Scene Plotting Chart for One POV

Scene Plotting Chart for Two POVs

Stephanie and Jill’s Weasel Words and Phrases: This is a list of the words we like to double check our manuscript for.

Historical Periods List

NEW: Key Scenes List Single POV and Key Scenes List 2 POVs