Will there be a book 3 in the Ellie Sweet series?

I’m so touched by how many readers ask me this question. Usually when I’m asked this, especially if it’s on Twitter, I give a short and open-ended, “Not right now.” But for those of you who are curious, here’s the longer answer:

Don't just get even. Write a novelBook two in the Ellie Sweet series, The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet, took a lot out of me. Maybe it was because it was the third book I was releasing in 2013, or maybe it’s because it’d been so long since I’d written with a deadline. The book came out longer than I anticipated, Bronte went even more rogue than I had imagined in the first book, and Chase and Palmer were not behaving as I (or Ellie) expected them to.

Originally, I had anticipated writing a third book. But if I dove right in to book three after finishing book two, I sometimes wondered if the boys might again flip on me. Even aside from Connor’s health problems, which became serious right after I released The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet, I knew I needed a little space from Ellie’s world before I tried to write book three.

Currently, I have three other writing projects underway (which I hope to be able to share more about sometime soon!) and the timing still doesn’t feel quite right. But, if you’re someone who’s wanting more of Ellie’s story, I encourage you to either email me or leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about what you’d want in another book. What were your favorite parts of the first two books? What do you think the first year of college should be like for Ellie? Any kind of feedback or input you have, I’d love to hear it.

For years, I had readers asking me about Skylar’s sister Abbie and how life turned out for her, and earlier this year I released ThrowingThrowing Stones cover art Stones, a novella about Abbie’s adult life, for free, so it’s worth it to say something to me!



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  1. I liked watching Ellie’s growth. Itd be really exciting if there was a third Ellie but I totally understand the burnout thing. I think it was your longest book, as well. I think I’ve have some burnout bic pushed too hard after a break, I’m thinking about writing again but feel like I need to establish limits and not see my expectations so high.

    I hope to hear about your new projects soon and I hope Connor is doing great!

    1. It definitely is the longest, Tonya. And you know what I learned? It takes a longer time to edit books that are longer 🙂 I spent half the year panicking about missing my deadline!

      Connor is doing great, thank you. Next week (the 8th) he’ll be 4 months seizure free!

      And I’m very eager to talk about the new projects, so as soon as I’m able to, I’ll be sharing!

  2. To be honest, I felt like UNLIKELY DEBUT was the perfect closing to the series. While Ellie is by far one of my favorite book characters, and I’d love to see more of her, I felt like the books were wrapped up perfectly. (Okay, so maybe I want Ellie to stay with Palmer and not run the risk of dating anyone else, because I’m totally shipping the two of them 🙂 #PellieForever

    1. I love that feedback, thank you! When I realized that I was feeling unsure about a book three, I tried to make it a satisfying conclusion. And I’m totally beaming that you just made #Pellie a thing 🙂

  3. I just finished re-reading the books today. I understand how the 2nd book could wrap up the series, but I am still really hoping there will be a 3rd one. I love Ellie and she’s already grown so much. Every time I read the books, I understand why she does what she does and agree with her-but then in the end we both (me for the 2nd or 3rd time) see where she messed up. I still love Chase. Palmer in the 2nd book was awesome, but there were too many ‘forever’ moments between Chase and Ellie. He has studied her for so long…paying attention to what she likes, her favorites. He really worried about her and cared for when she was stressed or sick. In the end he acted like a jerk, but I liked the way the story finished because they were friends again (after the talk in the library). So I am still going to be hoping for a 3rd book…I know how crazy and impossible it sounds, but since it is fiction, it would be cool if Ellie could somehow go to Italy. And mentor the girl she met at the signing, and finish her 2nd book, and become friends again with Bronte. And maybe she could even have a little cousin :D. But if there is never a 3rd book, that is ok because the 2nd ended so well. I really enjoyed both of them. Thank you for writing them.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback, Janise! I’m so touched that you feel they’re worthy of rereading.

      I think you’re right about Chase. He really did care about her. I’ve wondered if, had they been out of high school, it would have worked out, but I don’t know. Chase cares so deeply about these friends he’s grown up with, and those friendships weren’t just going to dissolve after senior year, so… It’s interesting to think about.

      I love your thoughts for what could happen! I’m actually going to Italy in the spring, so I think I’ll take copious notes in case Ellie needs to go as well 🙂

      1. I’m on my fourth time reading The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet, and if you wrote another one, I think I would die of happiness. 😉 Although I do understand why you might not. But anyway.

        I second everything Janise said! 🙂

        I think it would be cool if Ellie had to rewrite her second book. With her first book, we didn’t see her working on it much until it was being edited. It would be neat if with her second book, she struggled more with getting the story how she wanted it. I don’t know how much you deal with that type of thing when you’re a published author (since you probably have an editor and agent), but I know I’ve had to rewrite a ton with my book.

        About Chase and Palmer … I’ll be happy with whatever you decide to do with them. In the first book, I thought Chase was perfect for her, but then in the second book, I thought Palmer was. So … I’m sure I’d be thrilled with whoever she ended up with. 🙂 But like Janise said, Chase has liked her for a long time, so it might be cool if she ended up with him. But Palmer … perfect Palmer … Palmer, who can be charming in a pea green polo … 😉 I believe that, toward the end of The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet, Palmer and his mom were thinking about moving. What happened with that?

        Oh, and it might also be cool if we found out if James’ and Lucy’s relationship worked out or not.

        Thank you so much for writing these books, Stephanie!

        1. Emily,
          I am interested in learning more about James and Lucy too. It was weird at first, but then it was sweet. Their moms’ reaction was very funny.
          And I also agree that it would be neat to see her struggling with the second book, because she’s probably distracted by that new story idea she had gotten. Although she might have more time once she graduates-or she’ll be juggling a job and college so she’ll have less time.

      2. I do understand how deep Chase’s friendships are…like Ellie mentioned, he does consider his friends as his family. They are very important to him, but they are also very bad influences. But he also cares about them (and their opinions) more than Ellie.

        You are going to Italy! That is so cool! I want to go to Europe someday and Italy is on my dream list. How exciting! I hope you have a great time when you go. My aunt went there for her 20th anniversary a few years back. Such a beautiful country.

        I have no idea where Ellie could go to college. Especially since Palmer is moving, which might tear them apart again. Would Chase even go to college? He didn’t seem that interested (once the truth came out).

        I will be praying for Connor and your family. How old is he?

        1. What great thoughts, Janise! I’ve also given some thought about what Chase my do college wise. He loves cars so much that I think he might go to school to be a mechanic or something similar. I think it’d be really good for him. Not only is it an area where he would excel, but he would have some space from his friends. It would be a great chance for him to do some growing.

          Yes, it looks like I’m on track to go to Italy this spring with my husband! We were supposed to go this fall but with Connor’s health, we didn’t feel comfortable being out of the country. It’s still a little scary, but he’ll be with very capable grandparents 🙂 Connor just turned 4 and my daughter, McKenna, is 6.

          1. I like the idea of him working with cars because then, like you said, he could slowly grow and mature and not get stuck in the same circle. I liked his mom too, even though she yelled at Ellie.

          2. I agree with Janise again! 😉 And I LOVE Chase’s mom. She reminds me so much of my friend’s mom.

  4. I’m still desperately waiting for a chance to get these books! But despite the fact I didn’t read the books, I have often wondered about this as well 😉

    I really hope Connor will stay seizure-free!

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