Join The Lost Girl of Astor Street Launch Team!

We’re just a month and a few days away from The Lost Girl of Astor Street  being out in the world!

I’m looking for a group of 50ish people to help me in January and early February to spread the word about Piper’s story. Are you interested in helping? Here’s what is involved:

First, you would receive a digital copy of The Lost Girl of Astor Street for free. (Yay for free books!)

After reading your free copy, you would post an honest review on a retail site (or several), on your blog, or social media.

I would also appreciate any help you’re willing to lend on your favorite social media platform. Even a couple posts before the launch, and a few during release week would be helpful. I can help with providing links and images for you, but I want you to use whatever fits you and your personality.

There will be lots of fun events going on to promote the book, like an online scavenger hunt, a special best friends event, a roaring 20s Facebook party, and much more. My introverted heart would love to see your familiar faces during those events, and it would be swell if you invite your friends!

If you’re interested, please fill out the brief form below, and I’ll be in touch!

3 comments on “Join The Lost Girl of Astor Street Launch Team!

  1. Um… Hi Mrs. Morrill. I signed up to help with your launch team, but I haven’t gotten the digital book yet. Sorry if I sound impatient. :/ I’m really looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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