1 week away from the Lost Girl cover reveal!

In just one week, the cover for The Lost Girl of Astor Street will be revealed. As someone who has often envied historical writers and their covers, I can hardly believe I’m about to have one of my very own!

This is one of my first trips to the grocery store with all three kids. McKenna is 8, Connor is 5, and Eli is 7 months. Connor had turned Eli’s hat backwards so it would look like his favorite Royals player, Jeremy Guthrie. I love that, “Help me!” look Eli has on his face.

With my kids out of school for the summer, I’m struggling to keep up with all the exciting events about to launch (see the photo to the left) but here’s a quick summary of all fun stuff that’ll be going on in the next few months:

The cover will be revealed on Young Adult Books Central on June 13th!

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You can pre-order a copy soon and unlock special events and bonus content!

  • An evening with the author and editor: Video chat with me and my amazing editor, Jillian Manning, about the publishing process, the roaring twenties, and more! Details about this will be coming soon.
  • Hair and fashion guide to looking your best in 1924.
  • Exclusive Lost Girl bonus chapters!

The book hits shelves everywhere 2-7-17!

In the meantime, you can put it on your virtual Goodreads to-read shelf! You can get in the 20s frame of mind with Piper’s playlist on YouTube!

Lots of fun stuff, guys! This book is so special to me, and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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  1. SO incredibly excited about this book! The release will make one my least favorite months–February–into one that I’ll be waiting expectantly for!

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